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We may be able to help with child custody and relocation

A few weeks ago, we talked about relocation in the context of child custody. This matter can be highly important and extremely difficult to handle. You might find yourself in a position where you need to move for work or family matters, but you don't know if you can take your child with you. On the other hand, you might not want your ex-spouse to move your child away from you, as it could threaten your relationship with your son or daughter.

It is important to understand child custody and relocation

Life brings us many changes. While individuals may marry, have children and settle down, their individual lives may eventually force them to move. Though this might seem like a normal aspect of life, it can be a difficult issue when divorce, child custody and visitation are involved. Parents who have custody of their children often cannot just simply pack up and relocate. Instead, certain legal actions must be taken.

What is joint custody and how can it help me?

Oftentimes when parents split one of the most hotly contested issues is child custody. There are many ways to approach the matter, including seeking sole custody. Yet, many parents choose to opt for joint custody, which, in many instances, supports the best interests of all parties involved. But what, exactly is joint custody and how can it be beneficial to you and your child? Hopefully this article will help answer that question.

Fathers' rights in child custody matters

This blog often discusses how the custody of a child during a divorce can be a highly contested issue full of emotions. While this is certainly true for some couples, child custody disputes can arise in other contexts as well, particularly when a child is born out of wedlock. In these instances, fathers may have difficulties acquiring time with their child and, in many cases, even being recognized as the father. However, men in these scenarios have legal rights. Hopefully this post will help clarify them.

What are 'the child's best interests' in a child custody dispute?

Many divorces occur in Arizona each year, with various legal issues coming to the forefront depending on each case's unique circumstances. However, one of the most contested divorce legal issues is child custody. Quite often, parents have heated, emotion-fueled debates about what is best for the child and, in fact, that is how a court settles the matter if parents are unable to do so. But what are the best interests of the child and how is that standard assessed?

Service member's deployment almost cost him child custody

Many Arizonans serve in our nation's military. These individuals sacrifice a lot for our country, but one thing they may not, and should not, expect to give up simply by serving is child custody. However, that almost happened to one man, and it has the nation talking about the difficulties of divorce within the military.

More dads seeking child custody during divorce

We are all familiar with the familial stereotype of yesteryear where the father works out of the home and the mother stays home to care for the children. However, as time moves on, this stereotype falls by the wayside. More women are working outside the home, there are more households were both parents work, and there are more stay-at-home dads.

TV host in midst of unusual child custody battle

As many Arizonans know, divorce can be a legally difficult, emotionally tough thing to do. Sadness, anger and frustration can all arise while a party tries to settle issues related to asset division and alimony. Perhaps one of the most contentious issues in the divorce process is child custody. While divorcing Arizona couples may struggle to find an agreement over joint or sole custody and visitation rights with a child, a new kind of child custody battle has recently arisen in the public eye.

Arizona's proposed bill could bring changes to child custody

Arizona's custodial parents may want to keep their eye on a pending bill, which could complicate the moving process. SB 1038 would eliminate the current law's rule permitting a court to take a parent's best interest into consideration when determining whether a custodial parent's move is justified. The proposed law would instead restrict a court to considering the best interests of the child.

Arizona's CPS controversy could lead to child custody battles

Readers of this blog may have heard about heard about a recent controversy centered on Arizona's Child Protective Services agency. Apparently, thousands of child abuse reports were not investigated, causing an upheaval of disapproval. As a result, Governor Jan Brewer removed CPS from its parent agency and established it under a new cabinet-level department aimed at handling child welfare issues more efficiently. Since doing this, the agency has investigated thousands of cases and removed hundreds of children from their home.