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Simply stated, a court order for reimbursement will not automatically put money in your pocket. An ex-spouse may not abide by the legal document, requiring you to take more aggressive action in collecting what you are owed. At the Law Office of Hector A. Montoya, P.L.L.C., we understand that the stress of divorce is made worse when one spouse is noncompliant to a judge’s ruling.

Do you need help collecting reimbursement from your spouse as ordered by the courts? Contact our Tucson divorce lawyer.

Hector Montoya: Pima County Child Support Reimbursement Lawyer

Decision making is impaired during the divorce process and following the formal marital dissolution. Ex-spouses angry at the outcome may not want to follow the “letter of the law.” Those spiteful actions can have serious consequences. Ignoring court orders only makes a bad situation worse and a financial burden larger for the nonpaying ex.

The judge’s order is only the beginning, especially if your ex-spouse is not paying the child support or spousal support he or she owes you. At the Law Office of Hector A. Montoya, P.L.L.C., we take aggressive steps to secure much needed money for our clients and their children to continue their way of life.

Wage garnishments and bank account levies can be ordered. While you may not want to incur additional legal costs to collect, please know that the courts can award attorney fees and costs as part of your reimbursement.

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