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Proactive steps must be taken to secure a modification to child support. At the Law Office of Hector A. Montoya, P.L.L.C., we understand that circumstances change materially in the lives of our clients. In the years following divorce, income fluctuates, jobs are lost and careers go in a new direction.

Proactive Protection of Your Rights in Child Support Enforcement Actions

You must take immediate action to avoid aggressive enforcement actions for getting behind in child support payments. While you may feel that you are denying your child the support he or she needs, you must protect your rights with the help of an experienced Arizona lawyer. Do not make a bad situation worse by putting off a necessary modification. Increased interest is only the start of the penalties.

Do you need help with a child support enforcement action if your ex-spouse is not paying child support? Contact our Tucson divorce attorney.

Enforcement of a Child Support Order Has Serious Consequences

At the Law Office of Hector A. Montoya, P.L.L.C., we have represented clients on both sides of the courtroom in enforcement actions. Various options exist for the court to recover overdue child support. Sanctions include:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Assets and bank account seizure
  • Tax refunds seizure
  • Restricted driving privileges
  • Contempt charges
  • Incarceration

Pima County child support enforcement attorney Hector Montoya understands the challenges his clients face in enforcement actions. The parent receiving support is entitled to adherence to the original agreement or modification. The parent paying support needs help if material circumstances have changed in his or her life or if his or her child has turned 18.

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