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Divorce changes lives for all involved. Parents start a new chapter of their lives. Oftentimes, that new chapter involves meeting new people and changing jobs. Those life-altering decisions often see them needing to move out of the Tucson area. Legal steps must be taken with the help of a parental relocation lawyer. The other parent and court must approve, particularly if the move is more than 100 miles away.

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Relocation And Move-Aways: The Steps Required To Protect Your Rights

The parent seeking to move must provide 60 days’ notice of the relocation by certified mail. The parent disputing the move-away must file an objection within 60 days. Waiting until the last minute is simply not an option to assert your rights. The court will not consider a late filing.

Looking Out For The Best Interests Of The Children

The court will make a relocation decision based on the children’s best interests. Even if the move falls within health needs, remarriage, work opportunities or educational pursuits, any objection will require litigation. The courts recognize the impact of a move on parental rights. They believe children are entitled to a meaningful relationship and access to both parents.

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