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Ending Your Marriage, Beginning Your New Life

The extremely personal and highly emotional nature of divorce makes it one of the more difficult legal problems a person can experience in life.

At the Law Office of Hector A. Montoya, P.L.L.C., we help people in Tucson and throughout southern Arizona to see a dissolution of marriage (commonly called “divorce”) not as a “win/lose” proposition, but a process that allows you to participate in defining your future.

For an experienced Tucson divorce attorney who can help you see through the complicated legal maze and minimize the damage that a divorce can do — contact our divorce decree law firm.

The Process of Divorce: Start With What’s Important

Divorce, in its least damaging form, is a process of negotiations. That said — you can’t begin to negotiate until you know exactly what it is you want. While that might seem easy, emotions can easily take over, effectively shutting down any helpful communication that may take place between you and your spouse. Our job is to help you identify what’s most important so that hurt feelings and anger don’t get in the way of the results you want.

Military Divorce

Although similar to “ordinary” divorces in many ways, military divorces do differ in some very important ways. Our lawyer understands the unique aspects of military divorce and how to avoid its pitfalls. We also represent active-duty, armed forces personnel with ties to Arizona but who are currently stationed in Iraq or other foreign countries.

Foreign Judgments

If you have a custody paper, a divorce decree, a property distribution agreement or another type of family law order that was obtained in or involves a foreign country — our firm can assist you in getting that order officially recognized so that the problems you’re experiencing can be resolved in a timely manner.

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