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Whenever the issue of paternity is raised, other questions regarding child custody, visitation rights and child support have to be put on hold until the paternity issue is resolved. The good news here is that paternity testing is not the expensive, lengthy ordeal that it used to be. Today, the process is much more affordable and only takes approximately three weeks to complete.

“Proceedings to establish the paternity of the child may be instituted during the pregnancy of the mother or after the birth of the child. For purposes of establishing a duty to pay support or past support, the proceedings must be instituted before the child’s eighteenth birthday.” — A.R.S. §25-804

At the Law Office of Hector A. Montoya, P.L.L.C., we represent people in the Tucson area and throughout Southern Arizona in all types of legal actions involving this issue. We help mothers who are seeking to obtain child support from fathers, and fathers seeking to assert their parental rights or to defend themselves against an action by a mother.

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Arizona Parental Rights And DNA Testing Attorney — Why File A Paternity Action?

For mothers, paternity actions are usually taken to prove the identity of the father in order to obtain child support. In even more rare cases, a paternity determination may also be sought in an effort to establish someone is not the father and to prevent that person, for whatever reason, from having further involvement in the child’s life.

Fathers may seek to deny paternity claims involving children they do not believe are their own or to defend themselves against action by the state. It is also becoming more and more common to see fathers bring paternity actions themselves so they can obtain visitation rights and take an active role in raising their children.

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