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Throughout the divorce process, dividing marital property is a major concern and source of contention. Arizona is a community property state where the focus is on what is equitable, not what is equal or 50/50. Property division becomes even more complicated and contentious when a valuable and successful business is involved. How that asset is calculated and divided is an important part of the outcome.

Do you need help protecting a family-owned business during the process of asset division? Contact our Tucson divorce attorney.

Hector Montoya: Pima County Business Asset Division Lawyer

A family-owned or closely held business requires a thorough review of more than just the finances. Bylaws and partnership and shareholder agreements require attention to every detail. Clauses that define the division of that business upon divorce.

Hector Montoya combines his legal experience with a background as a corporate financial analyst. That level of insight combined with his experience and success as a divorce attorney helps his clients protect the hard work and efforts in establishing a business. On your behalf, he reviews the following vital information:

  • Monthly cash flow statements and other financial documentation
  • Inventory
  • Corporate tax returns
  • Officers and shareholders
  • Data on debtors and creditors
  • Stock issuance
  • Financial documentation

At the Law Office of Hector A. Montoya, P.L.L.C., we take a proactive approach on behalf of our clients who own area businesses. Moving quickly can help prevent a spouse from removing money and transferring funds from his or her company.

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