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If you need help in protecting valuable assets and family estates, you should know that distribution of marital property is equitable, not equal in Arizona. The stakes are high, especially for our wealthier clients owning multiple real estate properties and businesses.

Calculations require attention to every detail from an attorney dedicated to achieving your goals. For help, contact our Tucson child and spousal support modification lawyer.

Bringing Legal and Financial Experience in Protecting Your Assets

At the Law Office of Hector A. Montoya, P.L.L.C., we understand the stakes when valuable assets, trust funds and inheritances are involved in complex property division. Hector Montoya is not only an experienced family law attorney. He has 10 years of experience as a corporate financial analyst before entering law school. That level of experience and insight is truly invaluable for you.

The Help You Need From a Pima County Property Valuation Attorney

Dividing marital property involves creating an inventory of assets and valuating them accurately. Key decisions in the division of assets can be made by you and your spouse or you can have a judge make those critical decisions. When houses, valuable estates and family-owned businesses are part of that inventory, in-depth analysis is vital.

Mr. Montoya can valuate homes, investments, stocks and businesses, an important step in the fair and equitable property division and QDROs (Qualified Domestic Relations Order). In conducting business valuations, we team up with experts to employ the business appraisal methods most advantageous to you.

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