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NBA star Steve Nash in a child custody dispute with ex-wife

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2012 | Uncategorized |

Many Arizona residents are familiar with the famous NBA point guard, Steve Nash, who calls Arizona his home. In 2010, he filed for divorce from his wife of more than five years–only one day after she had given birth to their third child. Unfortunately for the children, the couple is now engaged in a bitter custody dispute.

According to reports, Nash’s ex-wife wants to move from Arizona to Los Angeles, California. It is particularly intriguing that Nash is apparently vehemently opposed to this move, given  that Nash is now playing with the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team. In fact, Nash apparently cited the fact that he wished to remain in a close vicinity to his children when he decided to play with the Lakers.

Custody disputes frequently arise when the parent who is the primary residential parent of the children wants to move to another state. These cases are often difficult to resolve as many parents have very legitimate reasons for wanting to move, including furthering their professional careers, being closer to extended family members or because of better educational offerings for their children in another state. If the parents cannot amicably resolve their differences in this type of dispute, a judge decides the issue. As in any custody dispute, after carefully weighing both the positive and the negative factors, the judge will ultimately make a decision based on what serves the best interests of the minor children.

Although it is not always ideal for two parents to live in different states, in the event that one parent is permitted to move to another state with the children, it is possible to amend the child visitation schedule to include less frequent but longer visits with the non-residential parent, including for example, entire summers.

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