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As was discussed last week on our blog, child support can be an immensely complicated issue. Determining what counts as income for child support purposes can be difficult in its own nature, but finding an appropriate amount for child support to be paid can be just as complex.

Court rules withdrawal of investment principal counts as income

A few weeks ago we discussed what types of income may be counted in a child support determination. As discussed then, any wages, overtime pay, pension, investment income, and veteran and military benefits may be counted. However, a recent Court of Appeals decision may leave the door open for the definition of income to become even more expansive.

Which of my earnings will be counted as income for child support?

If you are going through a divorce or are contemplating doing so, you may fear about your children's future and how marriage dissolution may affect your relationship with them. Though child custody arrangements may be your primary concern, you should also think about child support. The amount of support, which is typically set by the court, could leave you strapped for cash, no matter which side of the arrangement you are on.

What is child support settlement and is it a good option?

The process of going through a divorce can be an immensely challenging time. Spouses often have to contend with several issues before their marriage can be dissolved, including emotional connections and disconnections, property division, child support, and child custody. The relationship that was built overtime between the couple and the reasons for their separation often come into conflict. The often resulting anger and frustration sometimes boils over and makes the process extremely difficult to get through.

How can I collect child support owed to me?

Arizonans often struggle with difficult family law issues. When a divorce is in the works, a couple might have heated arguments of property division, which could set the stage for one's financial future. They might also have emotional battles over child custody and child support. However, even when all of those issues are settled, a divorced custodial parent may face uncertainty and difficulty.

Child support and how it can be modified

Many Arizonans know that divorce can be expensive. An individual may be ordered to give up major assets, like a home, during a settlement or judgment in addition to being forced to pay alimony. Another potentially expensive aspect of marriage dissolution is child support. While this is often a hotly contested issue, child support is often necessary to ensure a child is raised with the financial resources he or she needs.

Columbus Short ordered to pay hefty child support obligation

Parents who get divorced have a whole host of legal issues to address. From alimony and property division to child custody and child support issues, these individuals can often find themselves amidst a brutal legal fight. However, when it comes to issues that affect a couple's children, it is helpful to remember that the matter should be settled in a way that supports the best interests of the children involved. An agreement on these issues can be reached amongst the parents, but, as can be seen in a recent celebrity's case, if an agreement cannot be reached then a judge will make a final determination.

Charlie Sheen seeks child support modification

Child support is important for both a child and his or her custodial parent's well-being. These payments help cover a child's everyday expenses, educational costs, extracurricular expenses and healthcare. By doing so, child support relieves a custodial parent's financial burden of having to cover all of a child's expenses on his or her own. The law seeks to balance the cost of raising a child between the two parents, but the exact amount of child support owed is often based on the Arizona child support guidelines.

Beyoncé's father successfully files child support modification

Oftentimes when people think of child support issues they conjure up images of so-called deadbeat parents who intentionally fail to make good on their child support obligations. This, however, is not always the case. Sometimes unexpected events make it difficult, and sometimes impossible, to make full child support payments. When this happens, an owing parent should speak with an attorney to find relief.

Billions in child support goes unpaid each year

When a couple with children goes through a divorce, many issues can be hotly contested. Amongst these, child support can become a center piece. Coming to an agreement can be difficult, especially when the couple does not get along. Thus, quite often a child support issue must be resolved in court in front of a judge who will most likely use the Arizona child support guidelines as a starting point.