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Steve Nash may have to pay more in child support dispute

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2013 | Uncategorized |

Celebrities run into marriage problems just like everyone else. When a divorce results, or a non-marital child is born, a child support issue may arise. The determination of child support can be complicated, but the most important factor is the child’s best interests. Sometimes these issues can be settled between parents, but other times the amount of child support is contested and is left to a judge to decide. One celebrity recently faced this situation.

Steve Nash, the former Phoenix Suns basketball star now playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, has been battling with his ex-wife over child support. A new ruling in the case may require Nash to pay for more than the basic needs of his three children. Though the amount of child support that must be paid is unclear, Nash’s high income may mean a higher child support payment.

Though Steve Nash is a famous basketball player with lots of money, his situation serves as an illustration of the difficulties all divorcing couples face when it comes to determining child support payments. When a couple cannot settle the child support dispute the case must be heard by a judge. Several factors will be used by the judge to determine the amount of child support to be paid. Amongst these factors are each parent’s income, the amount of income each parent is capable of making, how much time each parent spends with the child, the age of the child, and the health needs of the child.

Though these disputes can become heated, parents should remember that child support is aimed at giving the child a full, happy and healthy life. An experienced Arizona family law attorney can help parents negotiate an agreement about child support. If that is not possible, the attorney can help a parent recover the amount of child support necessary to give the child the life she deserves.

A family law attorney may also be able to help a parent who is experiencing financial hardship obtain a child support modification. Though child support should be paid to help the child, a parent should not be stripped away from that child when paying support is impossible.

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