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Improving economy may be leading to more divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2013 | Uncategorized |

An interesting trend is emerging in the realm of Divorce. According to some experts, divorce rates are increasing as the economy and housing market improve. These experts suggest money does not make the couples unhappy, but rather many put off getting divorced during the recession in order to protect themselves from financial hardship. A couple who may have wanted to get divorced during the recession but had a house under water, for example, may decide to get divorced now if the value of their home has made it possible for the parting couple to share a profit on its sale.

No matter when a struggling Arizona couple decides to get divorced, many divorce legal issues may arise. The couple may disagree over property division, alimony, child custody, and child support. A dispute over any of these issues can understandably lead to heated arguments and extreme emotions. An experienced family law attorney can help a party see the issues clearly and help develop a legal foundation that supports the client’s best interests.

An attorney, in attempt to protect a client’s best interests, may try spurring negotiations with the other side. Though simply talking to a divorcing spouse may be difficult, no judge knows the other person like his or her spouse. Through negotiation, a party may be able to split amicably in a way that is fair to both and leaves each on firm footing.

If negotiations are impossible, then an attorney can put forth legal arguments before a judge in attempt to convince him or her to side with the client’s position. This is a delicate process that may be emotionally trying, but is necessary to settle issues of child custody, alimony, and property division. Once both sides make their arguments, the judge will make a final determination on the issues before him or her.

Ending a marriage can be extremely difficult. When anger and sadness make the big picture cloudy, it may be helpful to seek help from an attorney who knows the law and who also understands the pain felt while going through a divorce. This help can be invaluable in making the process move forward in a way that is as beneficial to the client as possible.

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