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Famous rapper’s wife files for high asset divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2013 | Uncategorized |

The decision to end a marriage can be difficult for any couple, regardless of how long they have been together. The anger and disappointment can fuel the split, making many divorce legal issues difficult to resolve. This can be especially true in a high asset divorce, when more property must be divided. A couple well-known in the music world is about to deal with such a divorce.

Big Boi of the hip-hop duo Outkast is facing divorce after his wife, Sherlita Patton, recently filed papers in court. Documents list irretrievable breakdown of the marriage as the reason for seeking the divorce. Sherlita Patton is seeking alimony, a split of marital property assets, and sole custody of the couple’s 12-year-old son.

With so much property, money, and a parent-child relationship at stake, it is imperative an individual in a similar position as Big Boi seeks legal help. Unfair property division along with high alimony and child support payments can leave a once well-off individual struggling to cover his costs. On the flip side, one who seeks alimony in a high asset divorce must seek what is fair based on lifestyle and contribution to the other party’s success.

No matter which side one finds him/herself on, an experienced family law attorney can be extremely beneficial. An attorney can help valuate assets and might be able to negotiate a resolution that makes property division fair. As for child custody and support, an attorney will analyze parenting ability to make a legal argument that supports the parent and the child’s best interests.

An attorney can also assess the factors courts look at to determine alimony, including the length of the marriage, the seeking party’s contribution to the other party’s career success, and the seeking party’s foregoing of educational and career opportunities to tend to domestic duties. Then, the attorney can either negotiate a fair amount or argue in front of a judge for what is fair for the client.

The end of a marriage is a difficult time for all involved. Yet, with solid legal advice the process might go smoother than expected with the client attaining a resolution that feels fair.

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