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Actor’s ex-wife seeks to increase child support elevenfold

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2013 | Uncategorized |

Readers of this blog are well aware of the difficult issues divorcing people can face. Property division can lead to arguments over valuation and sentimental objects, alimony can lead to financial fights, and child custody disputes can lead to emotional strife. Additionally, disagreements over child support can be hotly contested. One celebrity’s spat with his ex-wife helps illustrate how difficult these issues can be, and the problems apply to all facing a child support issue.

Sarah Trigger, former wife of Jon Cryer, who is perhaps best known for his role on the television show “Two and a Half Men,” is seeking to increase the child support she receives to cover the couple’s child’s expenses. Trigger, who currently receives $8,000 a month, is now seeking to increase that amount to $88,000 per month. Trigger claims Cryer makes $2 million a month and the child needs the money to be on an equal level with the kids in his private school.

While this is an extreme example of a child support dispute, many Arizona residents, celebrity or not, face similar issues, though with perhaps smaller amounts of money. When these residents face such an argument, he or she should seek a competent family law attorney who will adequately and vigorously represent their and their child’s best interests.

Typically, if a couple cannot come to an agreement on the amount of child support, a judge determines the amount and bases his or her decision on the Arizona child support guidelines. These guidelines provide how much support should be paid based on adjusted gross income and how many children are to receive support. However, adjustments may be made depending on certain factors including parenting time. An attorney can help a parent try to negotiate a support figure that works for him or her and the child or, alternatively, argue for a fair number before a judge.

Additionally, Arizona residents should be aware that child support can be modified post-divorce. Modifications can occur if the parties agree to a change or if the paying party’s income increases or decreases. In either situation, the parties should consult an attorney to ensure the modification is fair. In the end, child support is about what is best for the child. But if a modification leads to a parent being unable to take care of himself, he may be left unable to adequately care for his child. Thus, delicate, yet strong legal representation is needed in these disputes.

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