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Kardashian, Odom avoid family law spats with prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2013 | Uncategorized |

Celebrity divorces circulate the media constantly. While it may be easy for some to ignore these stories, they often provide valuable insight into the divorce process, including the issues that may arise and how they can be handled. For this reason, it is important to look at these stories from time-to-time to get a grasp of how a divorce can play out.

One celebrity couple’s divorce helps serve as an example. Khloe Kardashian, famous reality TV star, recently filed for divorce from her basketball player husband, Lamar Odom. Rumors had been circulating regarding Odom’s alleged drug use and adultery, but divorce documents state irreconcilable differences as the reason for seeking dissolution. Though some may think such a high-profile divorce would be inundated with complex family legal issues over which the parties would fight, reports indicate a prenuptial agreement should make the divorce process relatively smooth in this case.

Prenuptial agreements are often looked down upon as many see them as a way to plan for divorce before a marriage even occurs. Yet, a prenuptial agreement can provide a lot of comfort and relief to a marrying couple. In the event a divorce does occur, the prenuptial agreement may save the parties time, money and heartache.

A prenuptial agreement can address nearly any and all divorce legal issues. Spousal support, child support and property division can all be settled in these agreements, thereby avoiding contests in the event of a future divorce. Though it may sound simple to craft, a prenuptial agreement should be drafted by a legal professional in order to avoid unwanted consequences and loopholes. A Tucson-based family law attorney can help craft these agreements in a legally sound way that leaves the parties feeling comfortable and ready to start their life together.

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