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Multi-state child custody issues can be complicated

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2014 | Uncategorized |

Child custody disputes can often be hotly contested. While such a case can be difficult enough when it is between two individuals within the state of Arizona, it can be made much more complicated when the two parties seeking custody are located in different states. When this happens, the legal complexities can be compounded, making the issue much harder to understand and navigate from a legal standpoint. If this issue arises, it may be in an Arizonan’s best interest to seek legal assistance.

An example of one of these cases arose when a mother and her child relocated from Ohio to Arizona. Not long thereafter, the mother and her child went back to Ohio for a visit. The mother then left the child with her mother while she went back to Arizona for a job interview. At that point, the child’s paternal grandfather filed a motion for temporary custody, which was granted by an Ohio court. Recently, the Ohio Supreme Court reversed the finding and ordered the autistic child to be returned to the mother. The court noted the mother had already initiated custody proceedings in Arizona, which should have been taken into consideration by the Ohio court.

Whether a child custody issues arises from grandparent contention, divorce or the state’s intervention, those with an interest in matter should seek legal assistance. An Arizona family law attorney can discuss the legal steps that can be taken in an attempt to obtain sole custody, joint custody, and/or visitation rights. Additionally, the attorney may craft persuasive legal arguments that attempt to show why the party is best suited to care for the child.

When a child custody issue involves parties in multiple states, things can get complicated. Yet, an experienced attorney, and the court, will remain focused on the best interests of the child. By demonstrating how the client’s position will support those interests, a family law attorney will aggressively seek a favorable resolution to a convoluted issue.

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