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Is divorce contagious amongst Arizonans?

On Behalf of | May 7, 2014 | Uncategorized |

Many Arizonans may feel like all of their family members and friends are getting divorced, and they may be right. According to a recently released study conducted by Brown University, 75 percent of individuals who had a friend that was divorced were more likely to dissolve their own marriage. Even individual who knew a friend of a friend who got divorced, 33 percent of them were more likely to get a divorce. The study assessed thousands of people over 30 years.

Though some disagree with the study, others believe the emotions involved with the divorce process can be contagious. When individuals hear of a friends divorce, they may become more susceptible to analyzing their own marriage with a close eye.

Though some may directly or indirectly get a divorce because of a friend’s divorce, no individual should follow the divorce plan of another, as each case is unique. Property division may play out differently in each marriage dissolution case depending on the circumstances and the wishes of each party. Child custody and child support arrangement will differ, too, depending on if parents are willing to agree to joint custody and, if not, the parenting ability and income of each parent. Alimony may also come into play in some divorces while in others it will not.

In short, those considering a divorce should consider seeking legal assistance. An attorney can help cut through the emotions to help a party see the divorce legal issues more clearly. Then, depending on the party’s specific circumstances, a plan can be developed to help support the divorcing individual’s best interests. A Tucson family law attorney will fight to protect these interests and to leave a divorced individual on the path to a new, successful life.

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