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5 things that can be good about divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2020 | Divorce |

Would getting a divorce ruin your life? Many people who get divorced end up happier and more satisfied than they were during the marriage. After all, if you’re thinking about divorce, there are serious problems in your marriage. While going through a divorce can be painful, staying in an unhappy marriage can be painful, too.

Once you’ve tried your best, it may be time to look at the positive aspects of divorce. Here are some good examples of that positive side, brought to us by Psychology Today:

  1. Divorce liberates you from your stressful relationship. You’ve put up with so much. You’ve tried so hard to make it work. Yet your needs aren’t being met. Maybe you’re even being abused; at the very least there is the daily grind of stress and anxiety. Divorce can be a way to end those troubles and make your daily life more satisfying. Many people find that they’re relieved once the decision has been made.
  2. Divorce lets you learn about yourself. It’s hard to figure out who you are when you’re trying to make a marriage work. Being part of a couple is hard work. You may have grown apart from your spouse and be wondering who you really are. After a divorce, you can get back to your original self.
  3. Divorce makes you stronger. You may have spent little time on your own before getting married. Now, you have a chance to learn how to thrive on your own. You can focus on your own goals, like career success, in a way that you might not have been able to do when in an unhappy marriage.
  4. You get to make your own decisions. Often, people in unhappy marriages feel like they have to walk on eggshells and support their spouse. Every decision you make can be tied toward comforting or helping the other person. Now, you will be able to make big plans and decisions yourself, to do what you want when you want to do it.
  5. Divorce may be the path to your happy ending. Many people look back on a divorce as a positive decision that made their lives better. In retrospect, many people can see how their marriage’s foundation wasn’t strong enough. It can be a truly important learning experience that can allow you to find real, solid love in the future.

Keep these five things in mind as you consider divorce. It doesn’t have to be a dark, hopeless decision. In the long run, it could be a catalyst for a happier future.