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Family vacations after divorce

On Behalf of | May 24, 2022 | Child Custody |

Summer is a time when many families take time to travel. This can be an important way for families to grow closer together and for children to gain new experiences, but travel can be more complex for divorced people and their children. What should you consider when making plans for summer vacation?

How can parenting plans address travel?

Parenting plans generally address a wide variety of different details. That plan can be key when planning family vacations after divorce, and a comprehensive plan can prepare for future trips. A parenting plan may include:

  • Which parent will purchase the child’s suitcase, camping gear or other supplies for travel
  • How co-parents can stay in touch with their child and with the other parent
  • Whether travel can extend outside a parent’s scheduled parenting time and how co-parents will handle those changes
  • How far in advance the traveling parent will inform the non-traveling parent of their plans

The details in your parenting plan are particularly important if you wish to travel out of state with your child. Some plans require you to seek the other person’s written permission to travel with your child out of the state. Even if your plan does not include this type of provision, you should discuss interstate travel plans with your child’s other parent ahead of your trip. You should also provide your co-parent with information about your travel itinerary, destinations and contact information in case of emergencies.

Parenting plans can lay the groundwork for future co-parenting and prevent conflict by addressing these details ahead of time. By carefully reviewing your parenting plan, you can ensure that you follow all essential steps as you prepare for travel with your child.