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Grandparents who obtain child custody may worry about finances

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2014 | Grandparents' Rights |

More and more, grandparents are heading households that raise their grandchildren. In fact, according to AARP, almost 4.9 million children live in their grandparents’ household. The reasons for a grandparent to obtain custody of a grandchild can be numerous, but oftentimes grandparents seek to obtain custody when grandchildren’s parents die or unfit parents become unable to care for their own children.

Many times, the struggle to obtain custody can be complex and fraught with emotion. Therefore, it is often in grandparents’ best interests to seek out an Arizona attorney to protect their rights. These grandparents’ rights may include visitation rights or custody rights, depending on the situation. In either case, it is imperative the grandparents show they have a strong relationship with grandchildren and their household is most suited to support the best interest of the child or children in question. An attorney can be pivotal in presenting evidence and testimony that seeks to further these goals.

Many grandparents who take custody of their grandchildren, though, later face an uncertain financial future. In many cases, grandparents find it difficult to find the money to adequately provide for themselves and their grandchildren. When this occurs, it may be best to seek assistance from family, friends and local support groups. These individuals, agencies and institutions may provide temporary relief until the grandparents are able to adjust to their new circumstances.

In the end, children need a save, loving home, preferably living with a relative. When it comes down to deciding whether to place a child in the foster care system or with a grandparent, a judge can often be persuaded to grant custody to a grandparent. However, these issues can be complicated depending on the facts surrounding the matter, especially if the matter is centered on grandparent visitation rights. Yet, grandparents should continue to fight for the well-being of their grandchildren and the rights they have to see them. An Arizona family law attorney can be a powerful ally in this battle.