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The Bigger Picture: Grandparents’ Rights

Divorce doesn’t do anything to change the fact that children have two parents. Courts recognize this fact and strive, wherever possible, to make certain that whatever happens between the parents in the divorce and with regard to child custody — the children are able to have meaningful contact with both mom and dad afterwards.

Arizona sees a bigger picture, one that isn’t limited to just the “nuclear family.” Here, the contributions that third parties, such as grandparents, make to a child’s life are recognized, valued and rewarded in the form of visitation rights after divorce. Where grandparents, stepparents, or other close relatives have stood in the shoes of a parent for a child, “parenting-time” or a visitation schedule, may be appropriate the serve the best interests of the child.

At our firm, your rights are valued and recognized as well. To discuss these issues with our lawyer — contact our Tucson, Arizona, law offices today.

An Experienced Family Law Attorney For Third-Party And Grandparents’ Rights

At the Law Office of Hector A. Montoya, P.L.L.C., we handle third-party rights petitions on behalf of third parties throughout Southern Arizona. In addition, our firm also represents grandparents who reside elsewhere, but whose grandchildren live in the Southern Arizona area. Clients are aided in both of these efforts by the experience and detailed knowledge of Arizona law possessed by our attorney, Hector Montoya.

Although grandparents’ child visitation rights are not as generous as parental rights, they can be granted as often as every other weekend in some cases. As your lawyer, Mr. Montoya will walk you through the steps required to complete and file your petition, explaining exactly what needs to be demonstrated to the court in terms of the relationship you’ve established with the child and why it should be encouraged to continue.

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